Mannequin Challenge – Minecraft Style

My students and I had a little fun at the end of this year’s Tang Dynasty build. To show off our work, we participated in the mannequin challenge – pretending to be mannequins throughout the city. All four of my periods participated by recreating medieval Chinese city life as I flew through and recorded the fun. We even managed to get the animals to (mostly) participate. 🙂  Enjoy!


  1. Very nice.

  2. Hi Mr. Miller,
    I’m Jocelyn, the Microsoft Learning Consultant from Taiwan. Your Tang Dynasty Minecraft project is really amazing and fabulous! I’m looking for Minecraft teaching materials that could really resonate to Taiwanese teachers in sublects like history and Geography, etc. Your project is exactly the perfect model to trigger teachers and students into the Minecraft World. I’m wondering whether it’s possible that the Education Team in Taiwan could have the access to download your complete world of Chang-An(The link on the Dropbox has been eliminated)? I think every educators and students in Taiwan will be crazy about your work if they could take a glimpse on this ancient capital city! I’m looking forward to your reply.Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful project!


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