Minecraft in the Classroom – the book!

Truly humbled by being asked to be a contributor to this wonderful book on using Minecraft in the Classroom. I was asked by the the author, Colin Gallagher, to write about my Tang Dynasty lesson.

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  1. I came across your site while doing some research for my own 8th grade classes. We have installed MinecraftEdu on all of our computers. It is truly amazing to see a classroom turn in to a collaborative learning environment using Minecraft. Total 100% participation from the time they enter to class until they leave. Awesome to see! Background: I had the students rate themselves on a 0-4 scale of minecraft redstone playability. I then gathered the tier4 players and made them team leaders. The rest of the class chose numbers out a box and were assigned a team leader. The team leaders decided on a theme: “Minecraft Redstone Olympics”.. They then gathered in groups and developed a rubric for the class..Students were given individual assignments for their Redstone Mazes. We are nearing completion of Phase 1 and ready to test the challenges. I have to say, I was a bit skeptical integrating such a environment into our learning space….Fast forward….It is an amazing transformation that creates a relevant and rigorous learning environment for ALL students.

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