CUE RockStar Camp Tulare

Mini-Minecraft Camp for teachers

An Introduction to games-based learning using MinecraftEdu

Welcome to Minecraft Camp [Slideshow]

  • Press M to return to spawn.

How to play Minecraft  [Slideshow]

  • Game mechanics
  • Mining
  • Building
  • Crafting
  • Farming

Play Session – First Steps

  • Mode: Survival, limited monsters, random world
  • Skills: Cut down trees, Build a shelter, make a crafting table, craft planks, create a chest to share items, mine ore, eat a pork chop.
  • Concepts: Mining, crafting, farming, surviving

Creative mode basics  [Slideshow]

  • Building blocks, navigation, teleportation, and item search
  • Flying and biomes

Play Session – Plan and build within the given boundaries

  • Mode: Creative, random world
  • Skills: Building, design
  • Concepts: Collaboration, geometry and architecture, scale

Introduction to MinecraftEdu  [Slideshow]

  • Teacher Tool
  • Server Tool

Play Session – Kingdom of Verona, Interactive play

  • Mode: MinecraftEdu + Creative, Download Schematic
  • Concepts: Quests, challenges, biomes, social structure, interactive info blocks.
  • Kingdom of Verona [Download]


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