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Welcome to my website. I am a teacher at Chalone Peaks Middle School in King City, California. I am currently teaching 7th grade history, but I have experience teaching every subject in grades 6-8. I have been a teacher for the past 20 years and enjoy incorporating technology throughout my curriculum. My students use numerous web tools throughout the school year. We are a Google Apps for Education school and all my students have an account and a netbook that they use in class each day.

I hold credentials in both multiple subjects and single subjects (history and science) and I am GATE certified, SIOP and AVID trained, and a Google Certified Teacher, CUE Lead Learner, and professional developer. I have completed undergraduate and graduate work in both anthropology and astronomy and was awarded a Masters Degree in Educational Technology from San Diego State University. I enjoy teaching how to use technology in the classroom. I also like to design, develop, and implement Common Core curriculum that promotes collaborative and interactive online learning.

You can contact me via social media such as Google+ and Twitter, or by visiting my class blog or Minecraft blog and leaving a comment.

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  • On the Road to Timbuktu
    In a previous post I described how I intended to support student writing  earlier in the school year by connecting seemingly disparate first semester content objectives by using a time traveling backstory with a steampunk twist. We just finished the first … Continued

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  • Cat Born – Chapter 5
    This is chapter three of a novel written by my student - Katherine H. ----- Chapter 5 The rooms were decent. They had been cleaned not to recently, and were big enough to fit the members of their party. “We’ll take them,”John said. They didn’t have a choice. They didn’t have the money for any where […]

Where to find me – 2015

* January 16-17 California League of Schools Conference, Monterey, CA.
* January 20 CUE Innovative Educator guest speaker
* February 9 SLOCUE Board Meeting
* February 25 TICAL and SLOCOE Conference, San Luis Obispo, CA.
* March 7-8 Edtech Team Central Coast Google Summit, Templeton. CA.
* March 19 Annual CUE Conference, Minecraft Academy 101, Palm Springs, CA.
* March 19 Annual CUE Conference, Alliance for Distance Education in California, Palm Springs, CA.
* March 20 Annual CUE Conference, Minecraft Projects for Every Classroom, Palm Springs, CA.
* March 21 Annual CUE Conference, Minecraft Academy 201, Palm Springs, CA.
* March 21 Annual CUE Conference, Minecraft Crafting Learning Poster Session, Palm Springs, CA.
* April 3 Union School District, edTech PD Event, TBD